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Wide-Moat Ideas

Great investors identify competitively advantaged businesses that reinvest capital at high rates of return. These "compounding machines" enjoy sustainable competitive advantages that keep pricing power strong. The Moat Report Asia analyzes such companies, presenting in-depth ideas to subscribers. Each monthly report highlights an undervalued wide-moat business.

Focus on Asia

Investors like Tom Russo and Warren Buffett have highlighted wide-moat businesses such as Nestle and Coca-Cola in Europe and the U.S. In Asia, however, some of the most compelling investment opportunities remain hidden, even in the case of large, liquid equities. The Moat Report Asia identifies attractively priced, competitively advantaged businesses in Asia ex. Japan.

Authored by KB Kee

Singapore-based analyst and portfolio manager Koon Boon Kee, Chief Investment Officer at an ASX-listed diversified financial holding company and former faculty member in accounting at SMU, is a foremost expert on competitive advantage. He has built an extensive body of knowledge on wide-moat businesses across Asia, giving him a unique ability to identify such equities when a dislocation pushes them below fair value.